Ad Films

JD-Jery has been producing super hit commercials consistently for popular consumer brands with household names. All of our ads are unique, well thought out, precise and up to the point and are well received by the audience. The aim of each advertisement is for the viewer to relate to the story, make informed decisions and act upon it, which are the core principles with which we conceptualize the ideas.

Our advertisements are innovative, refreshing and widely talked about landing us numerous awards from various panels. Identifying and casting celebrities and super starts for the right campaign and set out grand visuals and catchy tunes is our speciality.

Our commercials for VGP Golden Beach (2000) and Chennai Silks (2003), Saravana Store “Brammandamai” () are considered spectacular and thought provoking. We have been associated with and proud to deliver results for the who’s who of the industry viz VGP, Saravana Stores, Pothys, Chennai Silks, A2B, Anjappar, JFA, Sun Direct, Sakthi Masala to name a few. We have created ad films for a variety of industries i.e.,Textiles, Healthcare, Hospitality, Jewellery, Cosmetics, Food, Satellite Networks, Furnitures, etc.